WWE Smackdown Results May 27-2011

WWE Smackdown Results  May 27-2011
Randy Orton vs Sheamus for World Heavyweight Title at Capitol Punishment.
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Heath Slater by disqualification. The disqualification occurred when The Corre interfered.
Tamina and Alicia Fox defeated AJ Lee and Kaitlyn by pinfall.
Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero by pinfall.
Daniel Bryan defeated Cody Rhodes by submission.
Kane defeated The Great Khali by pinfall.
Sheamus defeated Mark Henry and Christian in a triple threat match to become the contender for World Heavyweight Title.

WWE SmackDown SPOILER Results: April 29, 2011

WWE SmackDown SPOILER Results: April 29, 2011
Announced for the show is WWE Tag Team champs Kane & Big Show vs. The Corre and Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio.
The World title is hanging above the ring.
Smackdown opens with Randy Orton coming out to a huge pop, introducing himself to the Smackdown fans. Drew McIntyre, wearing a Raw shirt, comes out and interrupts. McIntyre goes for his DDT but Orton slips out and drills him with the RKO. Alex Riley tries to interrupt but before he can say a word, he eats an RKO as well. The crowd loves all of this. Alberto Del Rio, Brodius Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez come out. Alberto says he will bring the World title to Raw. Clay squares off with Orton but Christian hits the ring to even the sides. Teddy Long announces a tag match main event for tonight.

Kofi Kingston comes out but Sheamus attacks him during the pyro pose on the entrance. Kofi was wearing a Raw shirt. Sheamus destroys him and poses. Kingston is carried out by officials. Great way to leave the brand, eh?

There is an in ring promo by a heavily bruised Michael Cole, who brings out Jack Swagger. Cole does a pig call to mock Jim Ross.

Swagger vs. Sin Cara. Cara nails the entrance! The match is being worked with old school Kane style mood lighting with blue and orange lighting. Cara dominated and won with a victory roll after Cole landed Swagger a weapon that Swagger never got a chance to use. Cara was over.

Backstage segment with Rey Mysterio being wished well on Raw by The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh. After Rey leaves, a large man of Indian descent appears. Khali and Singh treat him like a big deal and they all speak in Hindi together.

There is an in-ring promo by Rey where he talks about how it is hard to leave Smackdown but he promises he would beat Cody Rhodes at Extreme Rules.

Rey Mysterio defeated Mark Henry by DQ. Not a bad match. Rey nailed the 619. Cody Rhodes attacked Rey in the crowd. Henry walked out laughing. Rhodes put a paper bag over Rey’s face.

WWE Tag Team champions Big Show & Kane defeated The Corre with double chokeslams.

Michelle McCool vs. Layla El goes to a double countout. There is a big “Let them fight” chant after they are held apart by officials. Layla issues a challenge for a No DQ, No Countout match. McCool accepts and adds a Loser Leaves Smackdown stipulation. Layla accepts.

*Matt Striker interviews Christian who discusses his title match at Extreme Rules and Edge’s retirement. Christian says it’s HIS destiny to earn the right to be called World champion.

*Randy Orton & Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio & Brodius Clay when Orton pinned Brodius with the RKO.

WWE Smackdown Results April 22, 2011

WWE Smackdown Results

Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes by pinfall.
Jack Swagger defeated Trent Baretta by submission. Swagger put Baretta in an ankle lock and Baretta tapped out.
Big Show and Kane defeated Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater for WWE Tag Team Titles by pinfall. Show pinned Slater. Show hit Slater with a chokeslam to get the win. Big Show and Kane are our new WWE Tag Team Champions.
Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters by pinfall. McIntyre hit Masters with the Future Shock DDT to get the win.
Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston for Intercontinental Championship. Wade Barrett is still our Intercontinental Champion.
Alberto Del Rio hosts a retirement party for Edge. Del Rio has gifts: a grandfather clock, diapers for adults and a fat lady acting as Lita. Del Rio says he got a new ride for Edge – a scooter. Edge is on the ramp and Brodus Clay goes to attack him. Christian pops up with a ladder and takes out Clay and Del Rio with it.